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Registration for fall 2024
has begun!  Join us now!

Call us 801-610-9554

Registration is done on our website
Check out our tour online
or come in for a tour!
(no appointment needed)
IN PERSON tourS M-F 9:30-11:00 am
Summer Hours 8:30 am - 12:00 pm


At Discovery Kids Preschool we take learning to the next level.  Learning our shapes, numbers, letters, sight words and beginning reading skills

is easy when we practice them using

movement & music.


What we offer:

  • Fun, Interactive Muti-Sensory Curriculum

  • Small class sizes 

  • Educated, Experienced Teachers

  • Exciting Themed Classrooms

  • Hands on learning

  • Over 11 Years of Preschool Experience


5462 West Daybreak Parkway Suite H2, South Jordan, UT 84009

     Meet & Greet--Saturday, August 17, 2024

                           8:30-9:00 Lisa R.- Panther

                           10:45-11:15 Lisa R.- Parrot

                           11:00-11:30 Raymie- Shark

                           11:15-11:45- Kathy – Brown Bear

                           11:30-12:00-  ?  - Arctic Fox

                           11:45-12:15 Raymie- Sea Otter

                           12:00-12:30 Lisa Anne- Wolf

                           12:15-12:45 Kaylee - Leopard

                           12:30-1:00 Heidi- Giraffe

                           12:45-1:15 Shalamar - Penguin

                           1:00-1:30 Chiyomi - Seal

                           1:15-1:45 Jessica - Dolphin

                           8:45-9:15 Ambree- Elephant

                           9:00-9:30 Natalie- Whale

                           9:15-9:45 Lisa R- Tiger

                           9:30-10:00  Ambree - Lion

                           9:45- 10:15 Natalie - Horse

                          10:00-10:30 Lisa R- Snake

                          10:15-10:45 Chiyomi- Polar Bear

                          10:30-11:00 Natalie- Owl

Covid-19 Precautions:

-Preschooler’s hands sanitized at arrival & at every class rotation

-Toys in the classroom have been reduced, so that they can be cleaned each day, twice a day with a electrostatic sprayer.

-All tables will be cleaned at each class rotation.

-Tables will be added to classrooms to allow to spacing of children.

-No sick children will be allowed to stay at school.


We are part of building H! 

Top Questions asked when starting preschool:

  1. When is tuition due?

Tuition is due the first day of school August 19 & 20.  Families have 5 days to pay tuition before a $15 late fee will be added to their account. You can pay with a debit or credit card on our Procare App.  The easiest way to pay is by setting up auto pay.  There is no processing fee and tuition will come out on the first of each month (excluding August).  Your child's tuition will automatically adding to the app.  After submitting your first payment, it will ask you if you would like to do autopay.


2.  How much is tuition for August?

Tuition is only ½ in August.  Our 3-day per week classes pay $92.50 & our 2-day per week classes pay $70.  


3.  What does my preschooler need for school?

The only thing you will need for your preschooler to start school with is a backpack that is large enough to fit a folder (we will provide the folder).  Please put a change of clothes in the backpack in case of an accident.  We recommend a shirt, shorts/pants, underwear, and even a pair of flip-flops.  Sometimes socks and shoes get wet.  The clothing will remain in the backpack and can be rotated as the seasons change.


4.  What time should I drop off & pick up my preschooler?

If your class is the Panther class for example and the class time is from 8:40-11:10, you would drop your preschooler off starting at 8:40. Drop off would go from 8:40-8:45.  You will see your teacher’s name and sign in the preschool window.  That sign going up in the window & will signal that it is your classes turn to start drop off,  you can now get in line (behind the white line in the parking lot facing the preschool to begin preschool drop off).  She will bring your two car signs. Display one in the passenger window at pickup.  You can give your second sign to another person that will be helping with pickup.  The teacher will come to your car to greet you and your preschooler and to escort your preschooler inside.  The front desk help will direct your preschooler to their class while the teacher continues bringing her class in from their cars. Pick up time starts at the end of you class time.  11:10 in this example.  We have 5 minutes for pick up. Please be prompt.  There is a $5 late fee that will be charge for parents that are repeatedly late.


5.  What is your sickness policy?

Nobody wants their child getting sick at school. The best way to prevent this is if your worried that your preschooler is sick to keep them home.   With the current concerns of Covid-19, any sick children will be sent home from school.  We will call parents if a child arrives at preschool and is showing signs of sickness to come pick the child up.  Classroom tables are cleaned between each class rotation, hands are sanitized prior to snack, and at each class rotation, each classroom has sanitizer for kids that use a tissue, and all children will be checked to see if they washed their hands after using the restroom.


6.  When can we meet our child’s teacher?

Come to our Meet and Greet the teacher event on Saturday, August 17.  The time is TBA.

7.  What if I decide to withdraw my preschooler from school after registering?

We ask that you give us 1 months notice of the withdrawal or pay 1 month's tuition.  This allows us time to know that we have a spot available and to tell interested parents about the spot.  Families cannot withdraw their preschooler the last month of school (May) without paying for tuition.  It is almost impossible to find a replacement at that point.

What Makes

Discovery Kids Preschool


Learning can be fun!

Using this classroom tested

multi-sensory method, preschool age children can easily learn to identify numbers, shapes, letters and sight words by listening to music and moving

with the motions!


I've got that silly song stuck in my head!


of what we hear, see, say, and do we retain!

"Research shows and studies support that in order to get the best learning outcome possible, children need to actively and simultaneously use as many of their senses as they can when they learn and practice.  For example, if you are trying to teach a child a new word, the child should ideally see it, say it, hear it, and do it - all at the same time."  -Heidi Butkus 


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