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2023-2024 School Year
Parent Policies

1.   When bringing a child to school, parents are asked to insure that the child is under the supervision of the teacher before leaving.

2.    Children who become ill may not remain at school.  Parents may be called to pick up a child if s/he becomes ill at school.  Please do not bring your child if s/he is ill.

3.    Parents are permitted access to all parts of the preschool at any time their child is present.

4.     Children should not bring toys or other personal items to school unless it is an assigned "theme day" which will be stated on our monthly newsletter.

5.    If a chid is not picked up on time a late charge can be applied.  The first fiftenn minutes is $5.00, or any part thereof, and $2.00 per each additional 10 minutes thereafter.  Please be prompt when picking up you preschooler.

6.    If you decide to withdraw your child from DIscovery Kids Preschool, at least 1 month of prior notice is required.  Otherwise a charge of 1 month tuition will be charged.

7.    All preschoolers must be potty trained by the first day of class.  Sending an extra change of clothes in your preschoolers back pack in case of an emergency is a great plan.  Children are expected to use the toliet without any assistance.  If a potty accident occurs and the child does not have a change of clothes available, a parent or guardian will be contacted.


Parent's Aggrement

1.    Pay a registration fee of $85.00

2.    Pay on or before the 5th day of each month an advanced tuition of $185.00 (3 days/week) or $140.00 (2 days/week), with no deductions for absences, including holidays.  Payments that after the 5th day each month are considered late and will receive a late charge of $15.00.

3.    In the event of an emergency, Discovery Kids Preschool has permission to administer first aid, as it deems appropriate for the child's best interest and/or use emergency transportation. Discovery Kids Preschool does not assume responsibility for physician/paramedics or emergency care.

4.    Disciplne shall be in the form of re-direction and "time-outs."  "Time-outs" should not exceed one minute per year of the child's age.  At no time shall corporal punishment, shouting, shaking, humiliation, or embarrassment be used as punishment.  Parents will be called during school hours if a child is having problems.  A conference may be required to establish an action plan for child who is unable to follow safetly rules by hitting, biting, or any other unacceptable behavior.

5.    Should Discovery Kids Preschool determine that a child cannot adjust to Discovery Kids Preschool program, or that parent hasn't carried out this Parent Aggreement, that child may be withdrawn after a four-week notice.   Except when a child is considered a danger to him/herself, other children, or to the teacher.  In this severe case, Discovery Kids Preschoold reserves the right to dismiss a child at any time.

6.    This Parent's Agreement may be changed in any part, upon thirty days notice, in writing to parents by Discovery Kids Preschool.  Parents cannot withdraw the last month of school without paying May's tuition.  


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