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What are parents saying about Discovery Kids Preschool?

"Miss Holly is the kind of teacher that your kids will remember for the rest of their lives.  She has perfected the delicate balance of loving her students while maintaining a controlled environment that is conducive to learning.  Both of my children learned how to read and were well ahead of where they needed to be when they entered kindergarten, thanks to Holly.  I look forward to sending my third child and would recommend Holly to anyone and everyone!"


-Kaci Morgan


"I love DKP! My daughter looks forward to going. Not once has she complained about going! She comes home excited to tell me what she learned for the day. I love that it's close to my home and I really love the small class size DKP offers! I feel that 10 students with an equal ratio really makes it so no student gets left behind. I have no complaints about DKP and I have no suggestions to what could be done better. We're very happy we chose DKP!" -Survey Monkey (Anonymous) 



"Two of my kids have attended Discovery Preschool, and number three is about to start this fall. We love Miss Holly, who is an amazing teacher, and we love the fun school that she has created! They not only learn and grow academically, but they make wonderful friends and learn important social skills!"


-Jessica George



"We love Holly with Discovery Kids! She is an amazing teacher! She  is very organized, patient and just great with the kids! I loved many things while our son attended Discovery Kids, but I especially loved the fact that we had a monthly agenda so we knew what our kids were learning each day! Our son loved the fun teaching environment and still talks about Ms. Holly and the fun he had in preschool! He learned how to read before kindergarten thanks for Ms. Holly and Discovery Kids. Ms Holly and Discovery Kids is the best!"


-Lota & Talai Leo



"3 of my children have attended preschool with Ms. Holly and a 4th will be starting in another year.  We have loved our time there and I cry every time one of them has to leave and graduate to kindergarten.  Ms. Holly is the perfect preschool teacher; kind to the children, but strict in her expectations of them and their behavior.  It has been a great environment for my kids to learn how to interact with others and be away from home for the first time.  The kids get to attend fun field trips outside of school as well.  And I really like the academics that are included.  My last son "graduated" from Ms. Holly's this year and will go into kindergarten in the fall knowing how to read and do homework each night.  I would highly recommend Ms. Holly and Discovery Kids Preschool to anyone!"


-Erin Blackmun



"My child loves discovery kids preschool. He has learned so much this year. He has made some wonderful friends, and enjoys his teacher too. We couldnt be happier."


-Survey Monkey (Anonymous)

"Miss Holly's preschool is the best!  My son was very reluctant to leave me and she knew exactly how to deal with him.  She is very organized and experienced.  Her classroom is a fun and exciting environment for the kids to learn in.  I would definitely recommend Discovery Kids Preschool!"


-Ann Wilson

"Mrs. Holly is the best!  Our son loved going and he learned so much!


-Craig Price

"Discovery Kids Preschool is the best!!! My son loves going there! Miss Holly is so much fun and the kids really enjoy the way she teaches and interacts with them. It's exciting to see how much he's learning and how much he loves school!"

-Karen McKinney

We love Ms. Holly and Discovery Kids Preschool! She has an amazing curriculum that keeps my daughter excited to learn... who in turn comes home and teaches songs, letters, stories, etc. to her 2 year old daughter. Ms. Holly noticed we had an advanced learner and was able to challenge her with books and harder homework kits. She communicates well to parents and is able to describe when a child is thriving or needs extra attention in the few minutes between drop off/pick up. We recommend Ms. Holly and this preschool to all of our friends!

-Liana Bodtcher

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE Discovery Kids Preschool and Miss Holly!  Two of our kids have attended and we already have our twins on the waiting list!  Not only have our kids had so much fun and developed social skills, but they have learned a lot and entered Kindergarten already reading!  Miss Holly adores each of the kids and makes everyone feel like they are her favorite."


 -Andrew & Casi Blanchard












"My little girl loves going to school and loves her teacher Miss Amanda. She is always excited to go and when she gets home she wants to work on her homework kits. She has been so excited to learn since starting preschool. Socially I feel like she has really grown and that has been so fun to watch. We have been so happy with discovery kids preschool!"


-Survey Monkey (Anonymous)



"Two of my children attended Discovery Kids Preschool and they both have absolutely loved it! My oldest, who is now going into 2nd grade, has always been at the top of his class, and excels in math and reading. My daughter, who is currently 4, has a late birthday (August) and so will start Kindergarten as one of the youngest of her classmates. I had some reservations about whether my daughter would be ready for Kindergarten. However, over the past 2 years Ms. Holly has gotten my daughter more than ready for Kindergarten. My daughter is even all ready reading and she will definitely fit in with her classmates! Ms. Holly has an incredible ability of combining fun with learning.  My children never wanted to miss preschool and always looked forward to seeing Ms. Holly. Ms. Holly doesn't only teach the core subjects but also how to follow rules, work as a group, be kind, have good manners, and so much more."


-Mariette Evans


"We have absolutely loved Discovery Kids Preschool! Love the teacher, love the curriculum, LOVE the photo slideshows! So happy we found this preschool!"


-Survey Monkey (Anonymous)


"I love discovery Kids Preschool!! Ms Holly is incredible!!! My Child has learned so much and has received a well rounded education! I would highly recommend this preschool to everyone!"


-Survey Monkey (Anonymous) 



"Ms.Holly is amazing. My daughter and son have gone to school here and they absolutely loved it. Ms. Holly is very experienced and she has a talent for teaching these little ones.  She really is the kind of teacher that your kids will never forget and is everything a parent would want in a teacher. My son was really shy before going to school and I was worried dropping him off on the first day. Ms. Holly was so great at making him comfortable and he didn't have a problem going after that first day.  She is amazing.  Her school is very organized and is a fun and exciting environment for kids. I love the monthly newsletter that comes home showing what they are learning each day.  She is the best!!"


-Linda Taylor

"My girls loved preschool with Miss Holly! She has such fun activities and my girls learned so much! If you are looking for a preschool definitely give Miss Holly a call!"

-Allison Arsenault

"My oldest didn't go to Discovery, as he was in kindergarten by the time we moved here, and my youngest has been with Discovery for two years. The difference is staggering! I tell everyone, this is the place you want your child if you want them prepared for kindergarten! Holly and Amanda are both amazing."

-Tessa Wesnitzer

"We LOVE Discovery Kids Preschool. I've been so impressed with what my son is learning and the communication from Holly and Amanda. My son loves going there. By far the best preschool we've gone to!"

-Rachel Porter

"If you are looking for a really great preschool for your little one I highly recommend Discovery Kids Preschool. 
My Beatrice loves going to school and at 3 yo informed me that the rock we found on a hike was shaped like an isosceles. 🤓She sings the best songs to help her learn upper and lowercase letters and sounds. She is learning complex concepts in a very fun and age-appropriate way. The kids are often doing fun things like wearing mustaches or neckties to class to make their lessons even more interactive. 
I absolutely love hearing her tell me what she has learned in school. And she loves unzipping her backpack and showing me her homework. 
Signing up for Discovery Kids was a great decision for Beatrice. She'll be attending their brand new location in 2017 with many of the kids she is in class with now."

-Tonia Conger

"I have had my 3 oldest boys go to Miss Holly's preschool and they have all absolutely LOVED it.  When my oldest son went into kindergarten the teacher knew right away that he must have gone to Miss Holly's preschool because her preschoolers were always was so prepared and ahead of the curve. My 3 oldest sons all have very different personalities.  Miss Holly had all the academic challenges my 1st son needed, hands on and outdoor activities my 2nd son needed and social and behavioral training and systems my 3rd son needed.  She was the perfect fit for each one! Currently my fourth son Noah is going to Miss Holly's summer camp and comes home each time grinning ear to ear, excited to tell me what he did that day.  He especially love the music!  On the off days he wakes up ready to go to school and is majorly bummed there's no preschool that day!  I'm so sad we are moving and that he and my newborn daughter won't be able to go to Discovery preschool because no other preschool compares.  We have tried out several other preschools and summer camps on the days they weren't going to Discovery Preschool and they were nice but my boys always learned more and had more fun at Holly's.  After reading the other parents' reviews I truly am teary eyed because it's all so true and my other son and daughter are truly going to miss out!!  We love and adore Miss Holly!!!"


-Katie Bachman



"I am always amazed at how personable Miss Holly is during drop off/pick up. She is able to connect with people on all different levels, which is what makes her such a dynamic and amazing teacher. My two boys have learned crucial social skills they would not have learned otherwise. I am always impressed with their continued growth and amazed with all they have learned and are able to retain."


-Survey Monkey (Anonymous)



"Mrs. Holly and Discovery Kids preschool have provided a great learning experience for two of my children. They quickly excelled and had fun while learning. She taught my oldest to read before entering kindergarten and she begs to go back to Mrs. Holly. 

My younger daughter struggled with separation anxiety. I couldn't even leave her for church or dance but Mrs. Holly worked patiently with her and within a couple weeks she would run excitedly into Mrs. Holly's school. 

As a parent I loved seeing what my children were learning daily. Mrs. Holly sends home a monthly list of the activities and learning skills that they will be working on. She is very organized and is great at communicating with the parents.  I strongly recommend her program."


-Alana Svay


"We love the organization and dependability of Discovery Preschool. We like knowing what to expect and having a great outline of the months events. Our son is engaged and we often hear him sing songs from school, point out facts learned at school, and using addition and subtraction. We've been so impressed. We also feel like Miss Amanda is very warm and caring.


-Survey Monkey (Anonymous)



"I got both my kids on Ms. Holly's waiting list when they were in my belly!  We love her so much!  I only wish I had a teaching degree, so I could work beside her!"


-Haley Anderson

"We have always loved Discovery Kids Preschool. We are in our 4th year and 2nd child attending. Ms Holly always makes sure the kids are having fun while learning at the same time. Thank you for everything!"


-Survey Monkey (Anonymous)

"My daughter loves going to school at Discovery Kids! She's had both Miss Holly and Miss Amanda and they are both amazing teachers. I love the fun and active methods they use for teaching, my daughter is singing the songs she learns at school 24/7. I seriously can't wait until my other kids are old enough to go to school so I can send them to Discovery Kids too!"

-Candice Powers

"We have LOVED Discovery Kids Preschool! Best curriculum I've seen yet, and this is my 4th in preschool. Holly and Amanda are wonderful with the kids."

-Emily Farrer

"Ms Holly is the BEST. She has made amazing progress with my son. He loves going to school and he is so excited to tell me all the new things he has learned. I can tell the difference between other schools my boys have attended and Discovery Kids Preschool and nothing comes close. I wish they had an elementary school. Thank you Ms Holly for making each day an enjoyable experience."

-Callie Morgan

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